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Energy Department Announces New National Laboratory Collaborations with 38 Small Businesses

At Earth Day Texas 2017, the U.S. Department of Energy announced the 38 small businesses that will collaborate with national lab researchers through the third round of the Small Business Vouchers (SBV) program.

SBV facilitates access to the DOE national labs for American small businesses, enabling them to tap into the intellectual and technical resources they need to overcome critical technology challenges for their advanced energy products and gain a global competitive advantage. Eight DOE national laboratories will receive funding to partner with 38 competitively selected small businesses across the country. Visit the Energy Department's website to read the whole story.

Important Dates

Round 1: CLOSED

Round 2: CLOSED

Round 3: CLOSED

Recent Webinars

Small Business Vouchers Program Overview

The webinar provides an overview of the Small Business Vouchers Program process and requirements. Watch the presentation.

Round 1–3 Results

Approximately $22 million awarded on behalf of 114 businesses in Round 1–3. Learn more about awardees.

114 businesses
$22 million

DOE National Labs

*Not every DOE lab is participating in the SBV Pilot. Visit the Technology pages for more information.

How can SBV help me?

SBV links your skills and innovation to the resources and experience of the national labs to help bring your products and ideas to market.

About the Pilot

Does my business qualify?

Businesses with fewer than 500 employees working on advanced energy products and services in the technology areas below are eligible.

Check My Eligibility

Where do I start?

The submission process is easy! Follow the Process and Timeline steps, Read the FAQs or contact the appropriate technology lead.

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