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Advanced Manufacturing

Scale Up Electrode Coating and Flow Field for Commercial Hydrogen Peroxide Electrolyser

Company Name: Peroxygen Systems Inc.
Program Office:  Advanced Manufacturing
Location: Knoxville, TN
Email: Ming Qi, Founder & CEO; 
Award Amount: $300,000
Project Term: 12 months
Project Status: Agreement negotiation
Participating Lab(s): National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Hydrogen peroxide is currently produced at central chemical plants via the anthraquinone oxidation process. This process produces environmental pollutants that are costly to remediate, requires hazardous long-distance shipping of highly concentrated peroxide, and necessitates extra handling costs related to storage and dilution, especially in the pulp and paper industry.

Peroxygen Systems (PSi) has developed a better method of producing hydrogen peroxide on-site and at considerable cost savings. The advantages of PSi's novel technologies have been fully proven at the 100 cm2 prototype scale. The challenge for PSi is scaling. Customer pilot tests — the next step toward commercialization — require a the prototype with larger single cells and 20- to 40-cell stacks.

In addition to internal hardware and flow-field design efforts, three critical problems must be addressed to make and test stack hardware:

  • Demonstrating a large scale roll-to-roll (R2R) process to coat large-scale uniform electrode materials for 100 cm2 and 500 cm2 stack testing,
  • Demonstrating in-line diagnostics to achieve better electrode quality control, and
  • Performing unique in situ cell testing to better understand and optimize the performance of the flow field design, with an in-situ diagnostic of current distribution being particularly valuable.

This SBV Pilot will allow PSi to use the capabilities at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to scale up its current electrolyzer stack, enabling the production capacity needed for a commercial pilot trial with a customer.


Peroxygen Systems is a clean chemistry company developing breakthrough technology for on-site hydrogen peroxide production. Compared with the traditional production method, PSi's on-site, on-demand electrolyzer can reduce the cost of producing hydrogen peroxide by 50 percent, while also eliminating the cost and safety issues associated with shipping and handling of high-concentration hydrogen peroxide.


Reducing the cost of hydrogen peroxide production by 50 percent and enabling on-site production completely eliminates safety issues tied to transportation of high-concentration chemicals. If successful, this SBV Pilot will further PSi's efforts to disrupt the existing manufacturing and distribution model for hydrogen peroxide used for bleaching in the pulp and paper industry.

In addition, the same large-scale electrode coating process and innovative flow field design can be used for zinc peroxide battery and chlori-alkali processes, which can potentially influence U.S. energy consumption on the multi-quad scale.

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