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Lawrence Livermore National Lab

About Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is a premier research and development facility for science and technology solutions. The advanced manufacturing group at LLNL is comprised of 5 individual facilities centered around the design, synthesis, and manufacturing of micro-architected materials that display novel properties. Much of our focus has been in novel materials for structural and energy absorption/storage/harvesting applications.


We take an integrated approach to advanced manufacturing of engineered materials: Starting with customer specifications, we have the tools and expertise to design an optimal architected material for the application, model its performance, synthesize the feedstock materials that comprise the material, and build the final material using the method most appropriate, and simulating part performance. Our specialties include working with exotic materials and our ability to print multi-material components and composites with custom additive manufacturing techniques. Our facilities are a unique mix of commercial additive manufacturing tools and custom built tools as well as facilities for the production of feedstock materials.

Our core expertise lies in:

  • Synthesis of organic and inorganic nanomaterials
  • Design of optimized microarchitectures
  • Simulation of part performance
  • Multimaterial additive manufacturing, specifically of micro and nano scale features in macroscale parts
  • Carbon materials synthesis and processing, including carbon fiber and carbon aerogels
  • Laser/matter interactions applied to additive manufacturing
  • Materials subjected to extreme environments
  • MEMS fabrication


LLNL is home to the following advanced manufacturing facilities:

  • Center for Engineered Materials, Modeling, and Optimization
  • Advanced Composites Engineering (ACE) Facility
  • Center for Micro- and Nano-Technology
  • Metals Additive Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Terascale Computing Facility


At LLNL, we have:

  • Several custom additive manufacturing tools based on projection stereomicrolithography (PuSL), direct ink writing (DIW), and electrophoretic deposition (EPD)
  • 3 Concept Laser selective laser sintering (SLS) metal additive manufacturing tools with various build volumes and material option
  • Custom carbon fiber winding machines
  • Several controlled atmosphere furnaces that allow processing up to 2400°C
Photo of a yellow sponge and a metal ruler lined up next to it showing the measurement of approximately 50 mm.
Photo of a close up of the bottom of a microscope and the focus is on the piece of glass and laser showing on the glass.
Photo of three scientists (all men) standing next to each other in front of a machine in a lab with safety goggles on.