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Building Technologies

Building Technologies

Simply stated, a big part of our energy mission is to make America run better. Finding better materials, technologies and energy-efficient practices to build our homes, businesses, schools and more is key to global clean technology leadership. Equally important is getting those technologies onto the market.

The U.S. Department of Energy's Building Technologies Office (BTO) is providing vouchers to small businesses that support technologies, techniques, and tools that show a clear application to the residential and/or commercial buildings sector. Applicants are expected to demonstrate the energy savings potential of the proposed work. If appropriate for the proposal, applicants are strongly encouraged to use the BTO Market Calculator ( to compute the total market size (in TBtu – Trillion British Thermal Units) in 2030 to use as a baseline for any estimated energy savings potential. Applicants should demonstrate the extent that the proposed work improves the state-of-the-art for projects that are pre-commercial or state-of-the-market for commercialized products. Any innovative technologies, approaches, or design tools that improve building energy-efficiency and enable more effective integration between buildings and the electricity grid are eligible.

The following types of applications will be deemed non-responsive:

  • Applications for proposed technologies that are not based on sound scientific principles
  • Applications that do not demonstrate a clear application to the residential and/or commercial building sector
  • Applications requesting support for lab testing and demonstration of market-ready, commercialized products
  • Applications requesting lab support to perform work that overlaps with BTO's Appliance and Equipment Standards Program

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