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Sandia National Labs

About Sandia National Laboratories

Through the Secure and Sustainable Energy Future Mission, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) helps to enable an uninterrupted and enduring supply of energy from domestic sources and supports the reliability and resiliency of the associated energy infrastructure. This mission is braced by ongoing lab efforts to drive the development and deployment of energy sources that are safe, efficient, and less dependent on scarce natural resources.

Sandia has been nationally recognized for connecting laboratories with small businesses through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program, a 15-year-old initiative that provides unique lab capabilities and technical expertise to the private sector.


SNL specializes in a number of distinct sectors within geothermal energy, including EGS technologies, high-temperature well construction (bits, tools, cements, processes, dysfunction mitigation…), high temperature electronics, logging and monitoring /control systems, telemetry, drilling advisory software and the modeling of reservoirs.


SNL is helping to advance geothermal technologies by leveraging the following facilitates:

  • Drilling research facilities
  • Environmental Test Facilities (Temperature, Vibration, Shock)
  • High-Temperature Instrumentation Laboratories
  • Geochemistry & Geomaterials Research Laboratories
  • High Performance Computing
  • Geophysical Instrumentation Test Facilities
  • Materials Science Development and Testing Facilities
  • Advanced Controls and Robotics Test Facilities

Additional Information

Photo of a gentleman working with a large blue and yellow metal machine conducting geothermal tests.
Photo of a male scientist holding up a geothermal product.