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Water Power

Water Power

Harnessing the power of moving water is one of our oldest energy technologies and one of the most promising for our future. Wave, tidal, and traditional hydropower offer great promise for clean energy but present technical and logistical challenges.

The U.S. Department of Energy is providing vouchers for products using waves, tides and waterways for environmentally safe power in these voucher opportunity areas:

Marine and Hydrokinetics

Small businesses seeking to capture energy from wave, tides, and river and ocean currents can draw on national laboratory capabilities in reducing the technical barriers to marine and hydrokinetic device development, improving device reliability and performance, and understanding and evaluating various technology types. Efforts to prove functionality; evaluate technical and economic viability; and generate cost, performance, and reliability data for a variety of devices are particularly valuable for small businesses on the path to commercializing new technologies.


Small businesses that contribute to advancing technologies that produce electricity from elevation differences in falling or flowing water are accelerating efforts to increase the generating capacity and efficiency at existing hydropower facilities, add hydroelectric generating capacity to non-powered dams, and improve the environmental compatibility of hydropower. Accessing the national lab capabilities will help these small businesses research, develop, test, and demonstrate advanced hydropower technologies that will increase generation and improve existing means of generating hydroelectricity.