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Sandia National Labs

About Sandia National Laboratories

Through the Secure and Sustainable Energy Future Mission, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) helps to enable an uninterrupted and enduring supply of energy from domestic sources and supports the reliability and resiliency of the associated energy infrastructure. This mission is braced by ongoing lab efforts to drive the development and deployment of energy sources that are safe, efficient, and less dependent on scarce natural resources.

Sandia has been nationally recognized for connecting laboratories with small businesses through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program, a 15-year-old initiative that provides unique lab capabilities and technical expertise to the private sector.


SNL conducts applied research to increase the viability of wind technology by improving wind turbine performance, reliability, and reducing the cost of energy. Sandia specializes in all aspects of wind-turbine blade design, manufacturing, and system reliability.

SNL specializes in blade configuration simulation, performance and lifetime prediction, materials reliability advancement, siting analysis, large rotor development, airfoil design, wind resource estimations, wind power optimization, sensing technologies, high-resolution diagnostics, shifting wind patterns models, and field demonstration & testing programs.


  • Scaled Wind Farm Technology Facility (SWiFT):The SWIFT Facility, hosted at Texas Tech University, enables rapid, cost-efficient testing and development of transformative wind energy technologies.
  • Sandia Wake-Imaging System (SWIS): SWIS improves the spatial- and temporal-resolution capabilities of velocity measurements within wind farms. These high-resolution velocity measurements are needed to provide the necessary data for validating high-fidelity simulations.

Additional Information

Photo of several vehicles in a fiels with wind turbines in the background and a machine with a crane and an operator that is spraying mist into the field.
Photo of the top of a wind turbine with blue sky and clouds in the background.
Photo of a gentlman analyzing charts on two computer screens.